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peak performance table tennis book

Download the first 47 pages of my best-selling book and take your game to the next level!

Take a peek into the only fully-referenced sports science book written specifically for table tennis on the market today! In these opening pages I reveal my framework for achieving peak performance and we take a DEEP DIVE into advanced motor learning strategies so you can learn your strokes faster and better. Don’t let your opponents read this before you!

Welcome! My name is Kevin Finn and I am an author, speaker, and performance coach for table tennis players. I help both casual and competitive athletes improve their performance and play pain-free with custom online workouts, nutrition plans, and consultations.

Start Your Journey Towards Peak Performance

Read My Book

The only fully-referenced sport science book for table tennis players on the market. Don’t let your opponents read this one before you!

Join My Online Bootcamp, PUSH+

Improve acceleration, move faster, and dominate your opponents with overwhelming POWER! Get workouts that are optimized for table tennis & delivered through an app.

Get Personalized Online Training

Get an edge over your competition with premium sports performance coaching. Receive a fully customized, comprehensive performance plan.

Train With Me In Person

Local to the South Jersey / Philadelphia region? Book an in-person training session with me. Available on a limited basis. Click below for details!

If you don’t need full service, I also offer one-time consultations over the phone or Skype. During this one-hour call, I can offer assistance with goal setting, provide feedback on your current training and nutrition, or we could dive into whatever subject you’d like.

The price is a one-time fee of $129. Book your call here.

Want to get started with a free workout routine for table tennis?

Check out the OFFICIAL Peak Performance Table Tennis Routine. It will help you move faster, hit stronger, and last longer with just your body weight and minimal equipment.

Peak Performance Table Tennis Routine