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This website is for table tennis players who want to take their performance to the next level using the latest science. 

Welcome! My name is Kevin Finn and I am a performance coach for table tennis players. I offer highly effective, individualized training routines, nutrition plans, and online consultations using a sustainable, evidence-based approach.

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Peak Performance Table Tennis Book
I literally wrote the book on performance training for table tennis!

Peak Performance Table Tennis

How frustrating is it to lose a game not because you were outplayed or outmatched, but because you gassed out, had a mental lapse, or just couldn’t get in the zone? In this book I comprehensively cover the vital domains needed for peak performance and provide actionable steps for you to take to ensure you are putting yourself in the best possible position to perform at your peak when it matters most. 

This is not a book about how to play table tennis. It’s a book chocked full of cutting-edge sports science, curated specifically for table tennis athletes—a deep dive into sports nutrition, supplementation, training methodologies, advanced recovery tactics, injury prevention, psychological and emotional skills training, motor learning, and more.

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