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Who is Online Performance Coaching For?

Let’s face it, table tennis is hard enough as it is. The last thing you want to worry about as an athlete is fiddling with your macronutrient ratios or picking from thousands of workout programs—none of which have been optimized for table tennis.

Online sports performance coaching allows you to offload all those tedious details onto an experienced coach so you can focus solely on execution.

As a table tennis player myself, I know we tend to be an analytical bunch. And while that may serve you well on the court, it can be a hindrance to your development if you allow yourself to become bogged down by minutiae and paralyzed by endless self-analysis. 

That’s where I come in.

I’ve put in the work so you don’t have to. I’ve helped hundreds of people get stronger, leaner, and improve their performance in my time as a coach. Whatever your situation is, there’s a good chance I’ve helped someone out of your exact predicament!

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“Kevin has been awesome to work with so far. At the age of 31, I finally feel like I'm doing things right. Already during the first couple of months of a fixed training schedule, I feel lighter, faster and stronger and I'm ready to take on the next stage and progress to continue improving my physical condition. I have been able to learn plenty of new things about working out and nutritional balances, as well as having Kevin tailor exercises for me to help improve postural issues and keep things streamlined for optimizing table tennis performance!
Matt Hetherington
“I started working with Kevin to help me improve my core strength and get faster movement for table tennis. I really liked the fitness sessions (especially the resistance band and wall ball movements). After only a few weeks of training, I seem to be moving faster (improved footwork) and I feel the training has definitely helped to improve my game!”
Kiran Kumar
“Kevin has been very helpful getting me started with a physical conditioning program for table tennis. As an 82 year old senior citizen, I had long neglected my body. As a result, my mobility was limited and lacked the strength to attack with the force required to be a winner. I still have a long way to go, but Kevin has put me in the right direction and I can now envision being physically superior to my octogenarian competitors.”
Jim Chase
“Working with Peak Performance Table Tennis has been great. The program did exactly what it was intended to do. Kevin is professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. I will definitely be signing up for something long term. If you are a table tennis athlete, don’t pass up the opportunity to work with him!”
Ryan Day
"When I started working with Kevin, my goals were to keep/gain muscle so I could be in the best shape possible once matches start again. I was also hoping to discover new exercises and methods to perfect my training for table tennis. Kevin provided an allround complete program that covers a bit of everything and can work for all kinds of levels. The length of each session was perfect and I found it very easy to fit into my schedule. I was able to progress on my movements, especially my leg and pectoral strength even though I was training from home.  Near the end of tournaments, I really tend to play worse because I’m tired and not active enough, so I'm happy I've increased my physical abilities!"
Luca Reiter
"Online training with Kevin is a nice balance of learning and lifting! Whether you're a gym goer or not, if you have fitness goals, or lack the motivation, or don't even know where to begin - Kevin is your guy."
Carolyn M.

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Emily testimonial
"I had the opportunity to participate in Kevin's Table Tennis Power/Agility Program and was very pleased with the results. The workouts have translated into stronger footwork, balance, and looping, as well as overall strength and stamina in my game, making the program a perfect supplement to my regular training. Additionally, the program encouraged me to consider my diet intentionally, which has been very helpful for my table tennis training and general energy levels."
Emily Scott-Cruz
"I started working with Kevin so I could incorporate weight training and diet as an integral part of my table tennis centered athletic development. In our time together, I've much improved my lifting technique (especially on compound movements), I've gotten much stronger, and I've established a number of practical eating habits which make reaching calorie and macro goals much simpler."
"As a competitive powerlifter, he has helped me with my dieting and performance needs. With his tips, I was able to hit my goal weight and not feel like a corpse on my diet. My training always felt top notch and I was able to perform my best for my competitions."
Dave Bolanos
"I wanted to lose weight and improve my strength but was making no progress on my own. I even had my thyroid checked because I thought something was wrong! Since working with Kevin I have improved my form drastically, lost weight (and more importantly, inches off ALL my measurements), and have become noticeably stronger in most of my major lifts."
Danielle W.
"I hired Kevin to help me lose weight and build muscle for my CrossFit events. I was nervous about the cost and my ability to stay consistent, but with the guidance and encouragement Kevin provides, it turned out to be a bargain! I'm down 15 pounds, 5 inches on my waist, way less bloated, and eating more then I did before."
Chavonne B.

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