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Strength & Power Online Bootcamp

Improve Acceleration, Move Faster, and Dominate Your Opponents with Overwhelming POWER!

Tested and perfected on table tennis athletes the world over. Stop wasting your money on over-priced modern generation rubbers and upgrade yourself instead!

Who Is This Program For?

This fully-remote, online bootcamp is for table tennis players of all levels who are looking to upgrade their game with a table tennis specific physical training program.

In this self-paced “bootcamp” you will follow a carefully designed training program with coaching support along the way.

This Program will...

Athlete Requirements

Equipment Needed

This program can be done without access to a gym, but you’ll need these 3 pieces of equipment to make the workouts maximally effective:

4-8 lb “Wall Ball”A critical part of how we’ll develop rotational power!

1 “Medium-Heavy” Dumbbell: For the dumbbell, “medium-heavy” would be something you could only lift for around 8-12 reps when performing a floor press and/or a dumbbell row.

2 resistance bands: (one light tension and one medium tension).

*The links above are Amazon affiliate links, but you are free to choose whatever products you prefer that meet the guidelines. Buy them second-hand to save money if you can.

*If you don’t have these pieces of equipment just yet, you can still purchase the program now to lock in the discounted price and wait until you’ve obtained them to begin the bootcamp!

What's Included?

8-Week Training Program

A carefully tested, table tennis specific physical training program designed to maximize functional strength and power.

Peak Performance Pamphlet

A short PDF with key lifestyle modifications to boost your results and support your training.

Weekly Check-Ins

Coaching support via weekly check-ins to keep you accountable and address any issues / concerns.

How Do I Join?

Get Lifetime Access

While the bootcamp itself is 60 days, you gain LIFETIME access to the workout program and Peak Performance Pamphlet!


Click the button below to securely checkout with a one-time payment of $120.

satisfaction guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Your success is my success. I’m not out to make a quick buck here, I truly want to put you in the best position possible to reach your goals. If you are unsatisfied with the bootcamp in any way, simply let me know and I’ll refund your intake fee in full.

Real Results

“Kevin has been awesome to work with so far. At the age of 31, I finally feel like I'm doing things right. Already during the first couple of months of a fixed training schedule, I feel lighter, faster and stronger and I'm ready to take on the next stage and progress to continue improving my physical condition. I have been able to learn plenty of new things about working out and nutritional balances, as well as having Kevin tailor exercises for me to help improve postural issues and keep things streamlined for optimizing table tennis performance!
Matt Hetherington
“I started working with Kevin to help me improve my core strength and get faster movement for table tennis. I really liked the fitness sessions (especially the resistance band and wall ball movements). After only a few weeks of training, I seem to be moving faster (improved footwork) and I feel the training has definitely helped to improve my game!”
Kiran Kumar
Emily testimonial
"I had the opportunity to participate in Kevin's Table Tennis Power/Agility Program and was very pleased with the results. The workouts have translated into stronger footwork, balance, and looping, as well as overall strength and stamina in my game, making the program a perfect supplement to my regular training. Additionally, the program encouraged me to consider my diet intentionally, which has been very helpful for my table tennis training and general energy levels."
Emily Scott-Cruz
"Kevin provided an allround complete program that covers a bit of everything and can work for all kinds of levels. The length of each session was perfect and I found it very easy to fit into my schedule. I was able to progress on my movements, especially my leg and pectoral strength even though I was training from home. Near the end of tournaments, I really tend to play worse because I’m tired and not active enough, so I'm happy I've increased my physical abilities!"
Luca Reiter
“Working with Peak Performance Table Tennis has been great. The program did exactly what it was intended to do. Kevin is professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. I will definitely be signing up for something long term. If you are a table tennis athlete, don’t pass up the opportunity to work with him!”
Ryan Day

Are You Ready?

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