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Recommended Gear & Gadgets!

What follows is a list of products I have personally used and recommend. Most of these items are mentioned in in my book, so if you’d like more information and context about them, make sure you pick up a copy and give it a read!

Workout Gear

Training From Home Essentials

These three items are what I recommend the average table tennis player pick up if they’re looking to be able to get a good workout in from home. It’s also what the participants in my online bootcamp use for their workouts!

Wall Ball

Absolutely essential for developing rotational power.

Elastic Resistance Bands

Great for warming up, core work, hitting the arms, and agility/speed work.

Adjustable Dumbbell

Doesn’t get more versatile than this. Key for overloading and making strength gains.

Lacrosse Ball

Easily fits in your bag for targeted myofascial release.

Foam Roller

Enhances joint range of motion and potentially aids recovery.

Versa Gripps

Lifting straps to help engage mind-muscle connection with back and/or eliminate grip as limiting factor.

Adjustable Hurdles

Excellent for plyometric drills.

Agility Ladder

Good as part of a warm-up and as a supplemental part of an agility program.


Cheap cones for drills.

Bloodflow Restriction Cuffs

Make strength and muscle gains without needing to lift heavy weights. Excellent for rehab.

Suspension Trainer

Excellent tool for increasing strength from home.

Pull-up Bar

Easily do pull-ups from home.

Kitchen Gadgets

Digital Food Scale

Accurately track your food intake. What gets measured, gets managed!

Digital Meat Thermometer

Never overcook your meat again. 


Convenient way to fix your macros for the day!

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

The most versatile “set it and forget it” kitchen gadget in existence.

Air Fryer

A close second to my Instant Pot, for versatility but UNMATCHED for crispy foods cooked healthier.

“Sous Vide” Immersion Circulator

Flawless, restaurant quality steaks every time. 



Cheap and effective. The GOAT supplement. Improves strength, power, and perhaps even cognitive functioning.


Needs no introduction. Also dirt cheap and effective.


Takes the edge off caffeine while enhancing its focus-boosting qualities.


Works synergistically with caffeine and L-theanine to further enhance focus and mood state.

Beta Alanine

Can result in a small increase in muscular endurance by buffering against the build up of acidity in the muscles.

Citrulline Malate

May help improve strength and power endurance. More importantly, helps you get a nice pump at the gym!

Protein Powder

Convenient way to boost protein intake. Not superior to dietary protein from normal food, just another tool in the belt.

Table Tennis Gear

Joola Table Tennis Table

This is the table I use myself and most often recommend for people who want a table for their home.

Training Balls

Quality training balls for multi-ball and/or use with robot.


Collapsible Tripod

Stop the madness of precariously balancing your phone on various surfaces. Use a tripod and get some decent footage of yourself to check your training form!

Heating Pad

Recovery and comfort. So essential I take this with me when I travel. Don’t you love getting old?

Sleep Mask

Sleeping in a pitch black room is best for sleep quality. Get pitch black “to go” by using a sleep mask.

Light Therapy Lamp

Helps set your circadian rhythm, fight jet lag, and may alleviate seasonal affective disorder symptoms. This is a key part of my morning routine during dark winter months.